Dec 2, 2013

Melissa Hair: Cut, Dyed, and laid to the side!

Last month, I wrote the piece on how I was tired of my hair, but I didn't want to get it cut. I'm back to say, "I don't know what I was thinking!". I go my hair cut and my life is SO MUCH BETTER. 

But hold up, let me take you on my hair cutting adventure. It took me more than a month, a gang of phone calls, a pintrest board, and countless convos with friends to get to the final project (which I love). Let's start.

I sent my inspiration photos to my homie, and barber, Tristan at Tristan's Barber & Style. He was MORE than excited about the transition, so I knew I'd be in good hands. I sent the same photos (seen here) to my homegirl, Stix, and she was FOR IT! That was it, my shoulder length hair was about to be CHOPPED. And here's the deal, my hair was kinda in a shambles. Single strand knots, thinning edges, and supreme dryness. I was neglecting my hair when wearing  protective styles, and putting too much stress on it when it was out.

Almost there . . . but not quite!
The pic above is what I came out with. My barber was on my side, but he was a bit conservative. I wanted a TRUE undercut - sides shaved and all that. In my opinion, I had way too much hair left over. One side of me wanted to keep it that way, holding on to the Natural Hair Myth that Long HAIR is BETTER hair. Two days later, I called Tristan, and set up another appointment. I had to GO BIG, or go home. I wanted my CUT!

Did someone say "UNDERCUT"?
AWW SNAP! After I set my appointment with Tristan, I made sure to wash my hair and blow it out nicely. When I got to the shop, I sectioned my hair up to the height I wanted the undercut. Tristan took out the clippers and I watched the hair fall. 

This feeling was BETTER than the first time I 'went natural'. This haircut helped me let go of misconceived notions about my natural hair journey. I was REALLY being true to myself; my hair looks better short and I'm more confident when it's that way. I may no longer have the SUPER FRO that I once longed for, but now I had a style that would turn heads. It was time to step it up to the NEXT LEVEL!

Shrinkage is a MUTHA!
I called co-writer, stylist on the team, and rad natural hair girl Amber at the Aveda Institute Nashville. I told her that I wanted my hair to be dropped from it's natural dull-ish brown to an ULTRA rich black! She told me to send her some looks on Pintrest and she get it rocking.  

I went to the Aveda Institute and had a WONDERFUL experience. I recommend you give them a try even if it's for a wash and style. The students and instructors are very knowledgeable, the atmosphere is fun, and the prices are economical. Ask for Amber Curry when you set up your appointment.

Listen, this black (with purple undertones) is EVERYTHING!
When I tell you heads were TURNING when I left the salon, I tell no lies! If you follow our instagram and Facebook account, you've seen the photos. And yes, that's all my hair. Amber blew my hair out and flat-ironed it. I can't remember every product she used, but I have a couple of product reviews to post. Aveda has some GREAT stuff. 

Three days later, the 360 view
So thanks to Tristan at Tristan's Barbershop for the cut and Amber at Aveda for the color and style - I love my new look. It's a breath of fresh air to my life. It's taken my style to the next level and I can't wait to show you the variations of how I'll rock this look.

Are you thinking about a new style for the winter? Let us know in the comments section!
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