Nov 22, 2013

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Diana Ross - "Love Hangover"

This summer, The Bob made a strong return.  As we begin to settle into new cuts and colors for Fall, I was wondering if The Bob would continue through the Fall.  With such classic style, it can be seen as a safe bet or a radical change depending on the woman.

One of the most classic cases of the The Bob is "The Boss" Diana Ross.  This stage of her hair represented her well because much like her hair, her personal style is very sleek and elegant.

 Straight or with curls, Diana's bob was always perfect, something that is obviously coded in her genes.  While she went with a sleek bun in this performance, Diana Ross' performance of "Love Hangover" on "Midnight Special" in 1979 represents her personality and style very well. 


So, who wore the bob this summer in a way that we'll still talk about more than 30 years from now?  Are you working your natural in a Bob?  We would love to see it!
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