Nov 20, 2013

Product Review: Taliah Waajid Products

I have been thru my product junkie phase and have settled into the products I know I love. Products I know I will give me consistent results every time.  I rarely have products to review because I rarely try new products.  It seems a bit redundant, but after years of trial and error I know what my 'go-to' products are and also what I will recommend to others.

Just a bit about my standard hair regimen I am a fan of layering on product, I tend to over use product on my first application so that by days 3-7 of my hair I have perfect moisture balance.  

So, this week I finally opend up my Taliah Waajid sample bags that I got at the Nashville Natural Hair and Wellness Expo back in September.

The sample bag came with the Great Detangler, The Curl Sealer, Curly Curl Cream, The African Healing Oyl, Lock it Up, and the Kinky Wavy Natural Style and Shine.  For This review I will only be reviewing the first 4.  The last two I havent opened. 

I used the Taliah Waajid Great Detangler first. I don't have a lot of hair but it is still thick and gets tangled even at this short length. I detangle in the shower with my conditioner and then applied the detangler to slightly damp hair. I find that my products works best if I let my hair air dry with no product for about and hour after I have shampooed an conditioned. I applied detangler, then The Taliah Waajid Curl Cream and finally the Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer.

The detangler and the curl cream were fine but once I added the curl sealer all of the product on my hair began to form lovely little snowflakes, which then proceeded to get worse. I am not a fan of any product line where all of the products are not compatible with one another. After the products were completely dry,  my hair was crunchy and hard to the touch.  

On the flip side I do love the African Healing Oyl, it has a great scent. I've used in on hair and skin and got soft results.

A Pro to the line is that the products made my curls stretch as opposed to shrink which was nice. However, I am rarely concerned with stretching my curls because I have learned to embrace shrinkage. For me its about softness of hair and the ability of a line of products to all work together without flaky results. I may try the curl sealer independently and see what results I get because I liked the consistency and feel of the product.    

I've got a product ingredients book on the way, recommeded to me by one of my awesome educators at Aveda. I want to know more about the chemical properties of products and what causes them to react with other products in negative or positive ways. I will share more info once I've educated myself more.

Have you tried any of the Taliah Waajid products?  How did you like them?
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