Nov 19, 2013

Candice's Hair Diary: Dear Big Hair, I Care

Yes. Yes I do care about my big hair. I've been rocking a legitimate afro lately. I wouldn't be honest if I said I haven't enjoyed walking around with an eye-catching fro. I went a few weeks where I wore my afro every which way. I wore it to the side, in a high puff, in a low puff, and free as a bird. It was so much fun... until the single strand knots started coming. Single strand knots are like the loud, annoying drunk person that comes in the party and starts accidentally knocking things over. And I have a bad habit of snapping them off with my fingers. I know I'm not supposed to do that, but they are so annoying. I soon figured that it would be best for my hair and I if I put the afro away for a while. So all I have done lately is reminisce on the fun times I had as I let my fro frolic in the wind.

Since single strand knots had to rain on my parade... I had to do what's best for Khani (Yes. My hair has a name. Doesn't yours?) and put her away. So that's what I did. I tucked her away and let her get some rest. Because wearing a fro for that long takes work. I thoroughly detangled my hair nearly every day. I moisturized every day. Did I mention that I detangled every day?! That takes commitment. Oh the ladies in the 70s must have been all about that detangling life. I miss my big afro hair, but I've been wearing stretched and protective styles the past few weeks. I appreciate the break from detangling, and the minimizing of single-strand knots. Also the moisture retention, ease of manipulation, and time saving--- okay. So protective styling has its own benefits. Get into this totally accidental chunky twist style. I was preparing to take these down when our editor Melissa coerced suggested that I keep them in as a protective style. 

Talk about THICK hair...  

Besides giving my hair a break, I've also gone back to my kitchen mixologist ways. I've been making everything from face masks to shea butter mixes. My life has seen a rise in stress lately. Everything was getting out of whack... my skin, hair, diet... EVERYTHING. I really had to make an effort to find some time to decompress and get some rest and relaxation. Thanks to the recent holiday, I succeeded. And if you're wondering what r&r looks like:

My day of conditioning. I gave my hair and skin some much needed attention.
I don't mind showing the crazy side of my conditioning routine. It had been way too long since I paid attention to my skin. But neglect always shows itself eventually. I started to develop a gross breakout, so I knew it was necessary. My hair and skin benefited so much from the attention. I almost felt bad for forgetting to pay attention to myself. I came out on the other side looking like a normal human being. I came out on the other side looking like a normal human being and feeling like a shiny new penny. That's how I feel once I buffed away the stress and put some moisture back into my face and hair. I'm thinking of setting an appointment with myself so that I remember when it's time to do a deep condition and/or a facial. 

What's your favorite protective style? And how do you remember to make time for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.
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