Nov 11, 2013

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Color Happy

When I first met Amber her hair was a beautiful, deep purple that I grew to love instantly.  The technique was flawless. So much so that I did not know her hair was purple until I was close enough to shake her hand.

I think we pretty much decided to color my hair that day, but past experiences made me hesitant.  Over three months, Amber graciously answered every question I had and reviewed every picture I sent her while deciding on a color. Through her willingness, I found the comfort to go back to myself.

Color Prep at Aveda Institute Nashville with Amber. (Photobomb by Debbie)

The color I had was over 12 years old.  I colored my hair before my locs so it was a mix of a bad color choice and color that faded with time.  Ultimately, I wanted to go back to my original hair color and through a detailed session of "21 Questions" at Aveda Institute Nashville, Amber created "Golden Chocolate Brown".  I can honestly say this color is everything I wanted.  My hair is a much darker brown than it was, but the sun the brings out the golden chocolate highlights.

"12 Year Old Color" VS. "Golden Chocolate Brown"
In addition to coloring my hair, Amber also addressed one of my biggest concerns: moisture balance.  She decided to do a botanical treatment by Aveda and I honestly think this decision took the results to the next level. It seemed to relax my locs causing them to absorb oils and water better.  My locs also look fuller and healthier overall.

While we have not set a regular color schedule, I do look forward to continuing the botanical treatments. To honor the health of my hair, we decided to give my hair a break and make the following changes to my current hair regimen:

  • To care for my color, I am adding the Color Conserve Shampoo from Aveda.
  • To deal with thinning locs, I am adding the Invati System from Aveda.
  • To encourage hair growth and a healthy scalp, I massage my scalp with an oil/product of my choice and use a paddle brush to stimulate hair growth.
  • To balance the stress of coloring my hair, I will allow my locs to free form for the remainder of 2013.

During our consultation, Amber offered me a list of words to describe how I wanted to feel when I left and I chose "energized" and I hit the mark.  Many thanks to Amber for hearing my requests and reviving my hair. 

Color Happy.
Nashville Naturals, please visit Amber at Aveda now that she is on the floor. Coloring my locs was a wonderful experience for us, but a few of her classmates were able to learn something new about natural hair because Amber had the opportunity to color locs.  

To schedule an appointment with our resident stylist here at Natural in Nashville, call Aveda Institute Nashville at 615-567-5417 and ask for Amber C.!
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