Oct 4, 2013

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Eric Benet - "News For You"

With everyone looking forward to the the Nashville Natural Hair and Wellness Expo this weekend, one of the brightest spots is the concert featuring Elle Varner, Kindred The Family Soul and Eric Benet.

We're looking forward to each act, but as you know all know, we LOVE a man with style here at Natural in Nashville.  Eric Benet's look has evolved over the years and he's definitely getting better with time.  We see women mature with grace quite often, but when a man manages to do it on his terms, it adds that confidence that can't be reached through style alone.

Eric with one of his shorter cuts and signature curls.

I've heard that people can grow out of their locs just as they grow into them.  Anytime a person does the loc chop, it always seems to be for the better, as if it is necessary for the stage of life that they are in.  From the locs of a few years ago to the close cut he is wearing now, it seems Eric Benet emerged from each stage of his style progression more sure of himself.

Eric with locs. 

With the release of his album, The One, Eric Benet also shared a bit on his style in Music Meets Style.  As he explains why he is drawn to certain pieces, we can easily see the evolution of his style is much like our own: it is truly a reflection of our current mindset and stage of personal growth.
"After a few years, I felt more structure in my life and I think that's when I wanted to wear more tailored, structured things." - Eric Benet

Eric and his daughter India.  She's definitely got her father's lovely curls.

Check out more of Eric's thoughts in Music Meets Style and enjoy his single "News for You".

See you at the Expo!


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