Oct 11, 2013

ROOTS AND RHYTHM: Janelle Monae featuring Miguel - "PrimeTime"

When we first shared "PrimeTime" by Janelle Monae, there was no video, but of course her hair for the art work associated with the single caught our attention.  The video was released and we can really see one of the most interesting takes on the ponytail I've seen in a while.  It works well with her look which is a relaxed nod to her love of black and white.

One of my favorite things about those who share their hair journey online is the inspiration artists like Janelle Monae provide.  I've seen some beautiful takes on her signature pompadour style with no limitation by texture, length or color.

Chescalocs has already shared that she's trying to figure out how to try the style with her locs.  I'm sure women all over are in their beauty labs giving this one a try.

Ledisi's pompadour.
If you try it or see someone else who does, please share with us!  We love to see the creativity that happens when we make a style our own.  Use the #naturalinnash to share with us.

As always, we get an interesting message with a dose of style from Ms. Monae.  Let us know what you think of both!

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