Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 Natural Hair styles for Halloween!

I've never been one to go ALL OUT for Halloween, but I have to admit, I've seen some pretty cool and intricate costumes in my days. Each year, people get more creative with how they dress-up to celebrate. I got to thinking, some people might think it's difficult to get your Halloween on when you have natural hair. But, I've found several ladies who've rocked their natural curls, coils, and locs while celebrating this ghoulish season. Take a look and be inspired:

Chescalocs Halloween Medusa-locs
Rihanna just rocked British GQ's cover as Medusa and it immediately made me think of Vlogger, Chescalocs when she created this Medusa-locs look last year. She teamed up with six other natural hair youtubers to create cool natural hair looks for Halloween. Her Medusa-locs style was a hit and a GREAT way rock locs for Halloween.

CLICK HERE for her Medusa-locs tutorial and links to the other bloggers tutorials

Toya as Janelle Monae
Of course, one of the easier natural hair looks to rock for Halloween this year is the Janelle Monae. In 2011, Toya rocked her hair in Janelle's classic Pompadour. There's 100's of tutorials on YouTube on how to get the Janelle Monae pump in the front, so click here to be inspired.

Mel B, aka Scary Spice, rocking curls in the 90's
Since the 90's are back in full effect - why don't you get four of your best friends together and be the Spice Girls! Mel B, aka Scary Spice, had the best natural hair of the 90's! Her cute, two buns in the front, fro in the back look would be super easy to recreate. Then get a animal print dress or jumpsuit, combat boots, and get your Halloween on! Check out this Scary Spice Hair Tutorial on YouTube.

Be the SUPA-FREAK!!!
For laughs and giggles, you could always go as Rick James. If your hair is long enough you can braid it up for the night or you could buy a braided wig. Hey, it's a cool protective style and you can rock it for the rest of the weekend. Through on some leather leggings, over the knee boots, and a biker jacket, and you WIN! Don't forget the fake mustache!

OMG! Please someone, anyone, be DA BRAT for Halloween! You'll be comfy and warm in those oversized boy clothes, plus you can band your hair and it will be stretched for the weekend. This has got to be the EASIEST Halloween costume for season - and it's cool!

Happy Halloween! Celebrate safely and tag #naturalinNash on Instagram so we can see you Halloween Natural Hair!

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