Sep 20, 2013

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Jill Scott - "Golden"

As we close out another week in Super September, we honor another natural beauty that continues to amaze as a singer, songwriter and actress: Miss Jill Scott.  When Jill Scott first offered us Words and Sounds Vol. 1 in 2000 we got a good glimpse at the talent she possessed.  Thirteen years later, Jill Scott still feels like a breath of fresh air with new project.

A regular on Twitter, Jill recently challenged women to embrace the opposite state of their hair for a short time.  By embracing straight hair if your hair is curly - or vice versa - Jill feels we will gain understanding in an area that has become a bit divided.  In a world of wigs, weaves and extensions, anything is possible for a short time!

Miss Scott is proof of that.  Looking at her over the years, Jill has made everything from braids and twists to TWAs and full blown afros look lovely.  More than any other celebrity, Jill Scott's ability to reinvent herself seems to work for her because each change seems authentic.  It really seems like her only guideline for experimenting in hair and fashion is going with what she loves in the moment.

One of the most impressive things is her ability to gain and loose weight for acting roles.  While it is no easy feat, she gets it done every time, creating a character we can love on screen and returning to her best off screen.

Today, we revisit classic Jill Scott with "Golden".  Jill dedicated herself to developing her talents and gifts to their highest level while living a life many of us live as a mother, daughter, and friend inspiring us to stand with our village to live our dreams.
"I'm strumming my own freedom,  playing the God in me,  representing his glory, hope he's proud of me."  

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