Sep 9, 2013

Melissa's Hair: I'm a model for the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo!

If you didn't know, Nashville is getting ready to host one of the largest natural hair events in the the southeast! Promoting OPTIMAL Health and OPTIMAL beauty for all, the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo (October 5,6) is one part natural hair convention, one part health initiative, and one part music series. Natural in Nashville is an official media partner for this event. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for official info and ticket giveaways! It's going to be an awesome event!

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo

Surprisingly, I, your humble editor, was asked to be a model for the event. Sort of like a brand ambassador, models for the event wil appear at all the events leading up to the expo as well as appear in the branding an commercials. Our first assignment was being professionally photographed for the ad campaigns. Every model was asked to bring a black outfit and a white outfit and be prepared to get our hair and make-up done.

The natural girl anxiety crept in - someone other than ME was going to do my hair! Oh lord! On the site, we've talked about visiting stylists - some experiences are good, some are bad. I prepared myself to hear the usual - your ends are split, what products do you use, when's the last time you visited a professional stylist, etc, etc, etc. With all my worry, my experience with my hairstylist, Teddy Chislom was phenomenal!

My make-up artist Sylvia, and my hairstylist, Teddy
My hair was washed and conditioned using Design Essentials natural hair line. Design Essentials/Hair We Are are official sponsors of the event. When I sat in the chair, Teddy was attentive, reading  my hair for it's needs. He said my hair was in good shape, of course I needed a trim, "Nothing but a dusting" he said. He even gave me advice on helping my weak edges (a continuous battle) and using heat properly.

I vowed to visit Teddy at least quarterly. Ladies, I suggest you visit Teddy at Beverly's of Nashville for your natural hair needs.  He's been doing hair for more 20 years (natural hair for the last 10 years).

Let's try flexi-rods again!
So what did I get done - FLEXI-RODS! Back in 2011 I attempted flexi-rods on my own - FAIL! See my attempts here. Teddy gave me some tricks to have the best flexi-rod set:
  1. Since my 4b hair is so coily, it's better for me to do a light blow-dry to stretch my hair before adding the product.
  2. USE a setting lotion/serum and rolling papers. Rolling papers keep ends from curly and becoming frizzy after day 1. Teddy then used Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion to set the curls in my hair.
  3. Use a hooded dryer to set the curls. The hooded dryer gives an even heat without damaging the hair. My hair was dry in under 45 mins.
I loved my look!
My curls were POPPING! Of course I love a bigger look, but I had to admit, this style was a nice change of pace. My curls lasted for almost 7 days. Probably would have lasted longer if not for my workout schedule and my general boredom. LOL!

So, I KNOW you'll be at the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo - when you see me there, say HOLA! I know I'll have cool style for you to see.
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