Sep 25, 2013

LINK LOVE: The Good Hair Blog says "Patience with Protective Styling"

Picture courtesy of The Good Hair Blog
One of my favorite bloggers, Alex of The Good Hair Blog, has been on a quest to grow her hair. Almost a year ago she cut her hair to even out her strands. Since then, she's been using protective styling as a way to protect her hair, maintain length, and allow her hair to rest. Alex says,
"I love my thickness but it's so nice to have a break. I miss my puff sometimes BUT for the most part practicing patience and seeing my growth is more important than wearing my hair loose."
NIN readers know, I (Melissa) am a fan of a protective style! My super coily hair is prone to dryness and single-strand knots, so protective styles like crochet installations, weaves, and braids help me to maintain length.

CLICK HERE to read Alex's tips for having patience with your protective style
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