Sep 11, 2013

Discussion: Can Social Networking help your natural hair journey?

We ALWAYS seek out people who share our interests; everyone does it. It happens in person and it happens online. It's normal to "clique" with people to whom you can relate. Whether it's for the love of hair, Toni Braxton, or the Tennessee Titans (Titan Up!), we gravitate to people with whom we have something in common.

Today's discussion is about the refreshing reality of interacting with other women who wear their hair natural -especially via social networks. Surrounding yourself with people who see natural hair as normal (and not a fad) is just... refreshing.

Man, if you could see my Instagram! The kinks and coils would make any fan of natural hair squeal with delight. I have a Pinterest board. Natural in Nashville has a Pinterest Board. I've got Facebook friends specifically for hair questions. And don't even get me started on Twitter. I've made so many "curl friends" through social networking. It's really quite amazing. The picture below shows curly haired gurus, bloggers, and developers who connect via social media ALL THE TIME!

Do any of these ladies look familiar? Name your fave naturalista
in the comment section below.
Never be afraid to use social media for information; especially hair information. The natural hair clique isn't like a high school clique. We aren't mean girls who make it a point of being exclusive. It's like a treasure trove of information. If you don't live in a city that has all the meet-ups and gathering, join a natural hair ONLINE community - you'll make more friends than you can imagine.

I've learned natural skin care rules, the rules of moisturizing hair, natural products... the list goes on and on. Knowing that regular oatmeal works wonders for my skin changed my life. The cleansing properties of honey amazed me. Once you get through all of the acronyms, you can find some amazing information via social networking. It doesn't take long to learn how to spot and avoid the natural extremists. Then you'll find people who are just like you, except completely different: different experiences, different styles, different natural hair. This makes a great opportunity for learning and sharing new things.

The best thing I learned from social networking is: Hair does not define me... nor does it define most normal people. We are just naturals who decided that we would rather not chemically process our hair to look like something that it isn't. And we see the beauty of our hair for what it is. Why sit in frustration with your hair when you can connect to a world of naturals who are filled with information? It doesn't take much to click that link and engage with another curly girl. The action can make a world of difference.

Which social networking platforms do you use to connect to the natural hair community? Have you met any of your online hair friends? What's the most essential thing you've learned from social networking?

P.S. Connect with us. We're everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

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