Sep 23, 2013

Candice's Hair Diary: Style Fails and Lessons Learned

I've been trying new things with my hair lately. I've been bored and thought that I would switch things up and revisit some older styles that I either couldn't get quite right or that were amazing. Over the past few weeks I've tried several styles on my hair. Some of them have failed (by "some", I mean most). But there's always a workaround to a failed style.

First success... I was able to get a banana clip on my hair. If you have really dense hair, then you know the struggle of using non-elastic hair accessories. To be fair, this was after I flat-ironed my hair. But even then, I count this as a win. My hair is particularly unresponsive to my flat iron. Even on high heat, I don't get straight results unless I pull it straight. And I learned to keep my hands out of my hair for a day. Every time I tried to fuss with it, the banana clip would give up and snap apart.

So the banana clip isn't as visible as I initially thought.
But it certainly held this fuzzy bun in place.

And now a fail: I blow dried and flat ironed my hair. It wasn't even straight enough for me to take a picture. For some reason beyond my comprehension, my hair doesn't respond to my flat iron. My flat iron gives my hair the look of a blow out. I think that For visual reference, think Rudy Huxtable. It looked like the picture below, only not nearly as long, and not as smooth.

Also, since I failed at the flat iron style, I decided to try heatless curl formers. They were REALLY CUTE... for about an hour. I ended up putting my hair in a high bun shortly after I made it to work. My hair went from smooth and shiny curls, to a fuzzy high bun. That's the natural hair struggle. My hair doesn't care about the amount of effort or time I put into a style.I spent 1.5 hours preparing my hair in order to get 1 hour worth of curls! Sometimes I just think about not trying any extra styles at all. 

Finally, I'll end with a success: I wore my hair in an afro for a couple of days. I was really excited to rock my humongous hair. It was a humid day so I didn't have to worry too much about dryness. Check it out. This was definitely the highlight of my hair trials. My afro received plenty of compliments... and I even got nods of approval from a hair stylist. Color me pleased. Also, I learned this month that my hair still loves natural products more than anything. The best twistout ever came from a homemade shea butter mixture. I try to buy products, but more than anything, my hair behaves best with natural products. It's a shame that I've been so lazy in making them.

Again, I don't know what it is with this hair of mine nowadays. Unless I'm preparing to wear my hair in medium - small twists for a couple of days, it's almost useless to spend any major time prepping for a style. Even when heat styled, my unruly hair acts best when it's in an afro. I have legions of rebellious kinks growing from my scalp. My hair has changed so much from when I first started my hair journey. I'm just waiting to see if it's just a phase... or if it will eventually change again. In the meantime, I'm learning to enjoy the now phase of my hair. 

Does your hair still look and behave the same from when you first started your natural journey?
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