Aug 15, 2013

Natural Health and Wellness: Koya Webb

Nashville, meet Koya Webb.  Originally from Humboldt, Tennessee, Koya is a health and wellness coach, author, speaker, and professional fitness model. 

Koya brings a joyful energy to her work by keeping her workouts adventurous.  She does everything from running to surfing to acro yoga, making her workouts look like a joy instead of a chore.  

Koya is also a wonderful source of inspiration for creating healthy meals and fresh juices which she shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Koya's love for her afro - or any afro - is no secret once you meet her.  In a profession where people feel like natural hair may hold you back, Koya's transition is working for her as a model.

Koya lives in the Los Angeles area, but recently started spending more time here in Nashville and will be hosting health and wellness workshops in our area.  For more information on Koya, check out her website at  

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