Jul 5, 2013

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Janelle Monae - "Dance Apocalyptic"

Janelle Monae as Lisa Cage in "Dance Apocalyptic"

With another single from The Electric Lady, Janelle Monae lets her hair down and "dances until the end" in her new video "Dance Apocalyptic".  The video is part of a short film set in an alternate version of present-day America starring Monae as Lisa Cage, a perfect housewife facing the apocalypse.  No doubt this will be an interesting film, to say the least.

Janelle Monae - "Dance Apocalyptic"
People unfamiliar with Janelle's music will watch the video just to see how long her hair is and I can't blame them. Its kind of comforting for it not to be so perfect for once.  The Electric Lady also parts from her formal look again and gives us some serious footwork obviously inspired by James Brown.  It does my heart good to see her hair move just as much as her feet.

Janelle Monae - "Dance Apocalyptic"

And is that George Clinton giving her a ride at the end?  If so, she's definitely got her ticket to the Mothership.  Why not dance?

So, are you feeling Janelle's new song and relaxed look?
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