Jul 2, 2013

Kid Kool: Kicking it Old School!

This weekend I had the pleasure if giving my godson a 'mini' makeover. For the last three months, he's been growing out his hair to get a new style. Well, new to him … not to us.

My godson, J'halin, went to a consultation with my favorite barber, Tristan (celeb barber to the stars) who told him how to maintain his hair until he got his new cut. 

Before the cut, three months worth of growth
After that, I watched my little homie go through what a lot of us ladies go through when growing out our hair. He had to learn how to take care of a longer length, wash it more often, and learn what moisturizers kept his "head from being itchy."  It was a struggle for him. His mom made him learn to take care of his hair because this was the first time he was able to choose what type of haircut he wanted.

Before and After!
In the end, he was able to rock his new style: A modified box fade with a side step part! Kicking it old school like Omar Epps from the movie 'Juice'!

Thanks TRISTAN for the amazing haircut! Almost had me thinking about cutting my hair again! Wanna get you little prince a fly cut? Contact Celeb Barber, Tristan, here.

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