Jul 1, 2013

Introducing AMBER, our new writer!

Ok, I've been teasing everyone on the Facebook channel for weeks as the team prepared to add a new writer to the site. After Toya left, I thought of doing another public search for a new writer. But, as I scrolled through instagram one day, I saw my friend, Amber. She posted one of her (many) hair photos, and I had an idea to invite her to write for the site. Luckily she answered with an ecstatic "YES" and I knew I had a writer that the readers would love.

So, let me tell you about Amber. Amber is a twenty-something cosmetology student in living in Nashville. She's also a professor of Theater at Middle Tennessee State University, an amateur photographer, natural hair stylist, and lover of all things old school. Amber loves natural hair and natural hair care. I knew she'd be an awesome addition to the site because she loves to switch up her style and she's good at what she does. I mean, take a look at her many hair styles (above); Amber is always changing her look and rocking her 'natural' HER WAY. She embodies everything that Natural in Nashville is all about.

I know Amber is going to have some great input for the site! Get ready!

Wanna know more about Amber? 
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