Jul 24, 2013

DISCUSSION: Natural hair workout STRUGGLE!

So, I don't have anything against Frederick Douglass (pictured above). He was a great man and fought hard for the rights of African-Americans. However, I do not enjoy looking like his long-lost daughter when I leave the gym!

That's right ladies, having natural hair and working out is an ISSUE! As fan of protective styling, for length and moisture retention, I often wear my hair locked away for months at a time. Some think I don't even LIKE my hair because it's always hidden under the latest installation of braids or weave. I promise you, I really like my hair but it's prone to shrinkage and tangles.

I'm attempting to let my hair rest from my braided installations, but I have this issue, what to do with my hair at the gym. Add to that, I sweat in my scalp - - like profusely. So my hair starts to curl, twirl, and tangle and shrivel -  I get off the treadmill looking like  . . . say it with me, "Frederick Douglass' daughter!" 

I realized bunning my hair and rocking a scarf during my workout saves me from looking crazy and having shrunken hair, seems to work for me. I did gain some knowledge from the posts below - like sealing my hair with water/oil combo before I bun - that will help with moisture retention. I know one thing, I'm not going to stop working out because my hair wants to work against me. Never sacrifice your health for you hair! 
So, here's some suggestions on how to maintain you hair while working out:

"You want to make sure that your have time set aside for your workout and also the time to wash and maintain your hair. On the days where you are doing lighter workouts and have the day off, you can have a little more fun with your hair!" - Alicia James via Curly Nikki

"The two tips I have for you are to A.) seal in your moisture before your workout and as soon as you can after or B.) rinse or cowash your hair after your workout to start with fresh, clean hair the next day." - Tasha from Just Curlz

"To avoid dry, crunchy hair after your workout, mix a little bit of water and leave-in conditioner into a travel-sized spray bottle and keep it in your gym bag to refresh curls post-workout." - Essence Online

If your hair is pressed or flat-ironed - "Always tie your hair back with a satin scarf or better yet, invest in a Save Your ‘Do Gymwrap which will absorb moisture and keep your hair pressed down during workouts." - Essence Online

I hope these tips work for you. If you have more tips, list them below - we all need help figuring out this natural hair workout routine. Happy working out!
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