Jun 5, 2013

DISCUSSION: NOW, how do you feel when you straighten your hair?

I was perusing my favorite blogs and I came across this post by blogger, Eden Hansom entitled, "I Didn't Feel Attractive Straightening my Hair".  While reading this post I had that 'lightbulb' moment! She was 'singing my song with her words'! Eden talked about several factors that went in to her getting her hair straightened: to get a good trim and to impress a boy. After only four days of that 'straight' life Eden washed her hair and regained her curls. She learned alot about herself and people's perceptions during that time. Her experience was VERY similar to my experience.
The last time I straightened my hair, I waited the obligatory seven days (to get my money's worth) then QUICKLY washed it out! Why? When my hair is straight, I just felt like everyone else. Call it selfish but when I'm rocking my super fro, extra-long box braids, or crinkly curly kinks, I always stand-out in the crowd. My friends do too. It doesn't matter if a friend and I both do a twist-out, her hair's outcome will always look different. That's the beauty of rocking natural hair - we always have the power to change the game and be original. 

I try to get my hair professionally straightened at least twice a year. I believe in having a professional touch from someone who knows my hair. A professional can show you areas of weakness so you can fix your techniques and routine. However, professional straightening, on me, almost ALWAYS looks PERM STRAIGHT. I love it on the first day, but afterwards I want my puff back.

One time, I rocked my straight hair to a friend's baby-shower. After all the cake and hoopla, the convo moved to . . . hair (of course). A group of newly natural ladies were discussing their fave products and techniques. Me, being a blogger, decided to give my input. When I walked to the group, straight hair bouncing in the breeze, they ALL gave me a side-eye. I interjected that I AM #teamnatural and I'm a blogger then gave my advice. I was received with hesitation. I was like, "what?"

When you get that fro straightened, people's reactions will sometimes surprise you. The commentary runs to the extremes and EVERYONE has something to say.  Eden spoke on people's reactions: "I didn’t feel pretty at all. I felt like I looked like everyone else, no one noticed me, and the praise from men that I have known for a while seemed fake and unwarranted. . . . And some of my friends and family said I was “pretty”."

So, now, how do you feel when you get your hair straightened? Is it a welcome vacation from the curl nation, or quick trip to boring boulevard. Hit the comments section.
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