Jun 24, 2013

Candice's Hair Diary: Weave Preparation

That's right. The title of this hair diary is "weave preparation". And no, I'm not revealing what type weave I will have installed. That will be in a separate post. I will say this... I am slightly
nervous about getting my first real weave.

I've been doing some research and I've seen some things. Scary things. I've seen some things underneath weaves that I definitely don't want to happen underneath mine. I REALLY don't want to be like the pictures of weaves gone wrong that happened on the internet. But, bad things happen underneath weaves when they aren't maintained correctly. I want to get the full wear out of this hairstyle. Also, I want this style to last, but I also want to keep my edges (and all of my other hairs).  So I've been preparing my hair for battle. 

A crown of tucked and pinned twists.
Google really should not have started creating .gifs for me. HA!

I've been doing deep oil treatments, and I've kept my hair oily and moisturized. I've definitely been co-washing more than ususal, and I have been liberal with the amount of coconut oil I use  after cleansing. I have also sprayed with water more often than normal. This has resulted in me walking around with frizzy afro hair, but it's definitely been softer and more moisturized. Plus, I don't have to worry about my hair getting too dry in the recent, hotter temperature. There is still an inch or so of color on my hair and it craves oil and water in the summertime. Also, I've been wearing my hair tucked away lately.

I cross and pin the twists, or just tuck them. This has been a recent go-to
protective style.
Me and my prehistoric friend. Hair STILL tucked. See?
I LOVE my afro but I'm serious about my hair not
falling out.
As of the date of this post I have about 24 hours left until I tuck my hair away for a while. I'm taking extra steps and hoping whatever happens under there is magic and not tragic. But I feel pretty prepared. I've decided to take my hair on one last curly ride today. I'm wearing it big and out. I'm excited about this new hair adventure and I'm going to be even more excited to post vacation pictures when I get back.

Have you had your first weave yet? How did/do you prepare your hair for an install?

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