Jun 17, 2013

Ashiya's Hair Diary: A New Attitude

Over the past few weeks, I've become a lot more relaxed about my hair.  I decided to Let It Breathe for a bit and that decision calmed my energy tremendously.  After allowing my locs to free form for a while, things are getting too tangled and its time for some maintenance.  As always, chilling out helped me to see some things clearly.

Because we all play with the camera on our phone from time to time...

1.  I need a new attitude.

I love my hair, but you can't tell it on wash day.  I mentally drag myself kicking and screaming into the process.  Once I'm in it, I'm good.  I enjoy it.  But those hours, sometimes days, leading up to the wash I torture myself with procrastination.   I don't really know why or how long it will last, but it is real.  I'm going to need Patti for this.

2.  I'm serious about the health of my locs.

Despite my attitude, I am obviously serious about the health of my hair.  I considered cutting my locs.  Seriously.  And its still a possibility.  My goal is to have healthy, strong locs and if this set is not it, I'm willing to cut them back - or off - to achieve that end.  Its not what I want to do at all.  My locs are almost waist length and I have a strong bond with them at this point in my journey.  However, life is a series of stages and I am entering a new phase of life.  I wouldn't be opposed to starting new locs at this point.  If my efforts to bring my current set of locs to their full potential do not meet my expectations,  I am mentally prepared for The Big Chop + Loc: Part II.

Me with my best friend just after The Big Chop + Loc: Part I.

3.  I have two sets of locs.

I have two sets of locs: his and hers.  I've gained a new respect for men who cut their hair for much of their life and then decide to grow locs.  Aside from learning how to work with the texture of his hair, My Love also had to learn to work with hair in general.  Washing and regular maintenance were the obvious things to help him with, but I really didn't think about other tips and tricks like different ways to pull his hair back or tie it up at night.  After nearly five years,  I've been treating our locs as if they were the same out of convenience.  Our hair could not be more different.   Now that I'm focused on what my hair needs for complete health, I now consider his hair needs in a new way.  In his way.  I stopped telling him, "you can try this, too" and really started looking at what he needed.  Sorry, My Love!

SWAN and I celebrating my best friend's wedding day.

So the journey continues, but a possible new path has revealed itself.  In the mean time, the search for the perfect shampoo is still on and I have a few new techniques I want to try to help retain moisture for myself.  For SWAN, our work is with training his soft-textured hair to lock easier in addition to discovering what brings out the best in his hair. 

Until next time, send me strength.  Its wash day.

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