May 31, 2013

Root & Rhythm: Black Men United - U Will Know

It is absolutely amazing how one song from the past can put you in a nostolgic mood for days.  After hearing "U Will Know" by Black Men United on the radio earlier this week, it only seemed right to flashback to 1994 for a moment. 

Of course, my mind instantly went to the movie Jason's Lyric, which featured "U Will Know" on movie soundtrack.  While I was feeling 1994, Jada Pinkett Smith and Lisa Nicole Carson quickly brought me back to the present moment. 

Jada gave me a future glimpse of Willow with her natural curls cropped close.

Smith's character Lyric was confident while remaining loving and sensitive, something it seems she's passed on to Willow.

Lisa Nicole Carson's character, Marti, had a few things going on here from braids and a bun to those perfectly laid edges. With all that, she still managed to include some Havana Twists that played with color a bit.

Add a song well written by D'Angelo performed by some of the most beautifully talented men of our generation and you've a roadmap for a perfect trip back to 1994.

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