May 3, 2013

Music City Naturals Event: Speakers and Presenters

We are a week away from the Music City Naturals Event on Saturday, May 11, from 1p-7p!!! WOOHOO!! Are you excited? I know I am.

So I know you've been wondering who's going to present at this year's event? Well, the committee has worked hard to get you a comprehensive presentation of speakers to answer all your questions about natural hair, transitioning, protective styles, and even natural skincare. Each speaker is from the Tennessee area - as we made sure develop an event unique to our area. Check out the presenters below:

Schedule of Presenters

We'll begin the speaker series at 1:45p with Kaneesha Martin of the Mahogany Suites Salon in Smyrna. Kaneesha will tackle the topic: "Do I still need a stylist, I'm NATURAL!?" She'll discuss the importance of having a professional eye walk you through the transition process and answer your questions on hair care.

At 2:30p the Design Essentials Style Team will do a haircare demonstration presenting their new line of natural care products. You'll see the team style a natural hair volunteer. The team will be available all day to answer questions about products and services.

3:45p Ashanti Pratt of Braids Ashanti will lead a discussion on Proper Protective Styling. You don't want to miss this discussion as Ashanti tells us how to protect our edges, prevent breakage, and maintain length through protective styling.

Natural haircare always leas to a more natural skin routine, Professional Make-up Artist and esthetician, Contrecia Tharpe of Eternite Day Spa will speak at 4:30. Contrecia will be on hand to answer you skincare questions and give some smart make-up tips.

5:00pm is for our Long-Term Naturals! Been living this natural life for 5 years our more? Well, Tekeisha Brooks of A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge & Salon in Memphis, TN will answer your questions for taking your natural hair to the NEXT LEVEL! Length retention questions? She'll be able to answer all those questions.

The last hour is for the kids! Chloe and Dominique-Alexis from Baby Big Hair will discuss all the ways to care for your little lady or gentleman's natural hair! The children's presentation begins at 5:45.

So there you have it! We can't wait to meet you and swap hair tips! Bring all your questions because our presenters will be available after their scheduled time to answer your questions.

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