May 8, 2013

FASHION: What do I wear to a Natural Hair Meet-Up?

OMG, OMG, the Music City Naturals Event is on Saturday!! Wow, it seemed like just yesterday we were wondering if people really would come to an event like this. But hey, you guys came trhough strong! We are so excited to meet everyone and so excited to for you to hear our speakers and shop our vendors.

So, I'm sure you're wondering what should you wear to a Natural Hair Meet-Up? Well, keep it casual, keep it cute, and keep it comfortable. Below, I've assembled three looks to inspire you. I do this every thursday on my fashion website, Fab Glance Nashville, so make sure to visit me for more outfit inspirations. Let's get started!

Natural Hair Meet-Up: Maxi Misses

First up, is the 'Maxi-Dress Misses' - Planning to stay all day, this ia comfortable look to rock. The wedge heel allows you to shop the vendors, and the cute jacket adds some urban flair. Oh yeah, check out this tribal enhanced necklace, very on trend for the season.

Natural Hair Meet-Up: Cross Town Cutie

This set is called 'Cross-Town Cutie' - So, you are running errands all day Saturday, but you've carved out a couple hours to enjoy the event. This outfit, with it's trendy layers, allows you to transition from lunch with your friends to a quick hour and half at the meetup. Get it girl!

Natural Hair Meet-Up: Boho Beauty

Lastly is our 'Boho Beauty' - Coming to Natural Hair Events are nothing new to you! This cute outfit bring in the cute turban trend (and protective style) with baggy boyfriend jeans, and chic wooden accessories. You came to get your shop on - that's why you brought this fly tote bag.

I know this helps. We can't wait to meet our fans/readers. Make sure you say "Hello"! See you there!
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