May 9, 2013

DISCUSSION: If you knew then - would you relax again?

Last week, Toya bid farewell to our team. She's quite busy these days but in addition, she decided to return back to chemical enhancements to assist with her hair journey. Toya and I talked at length about her getting a 'kiddie' perm. In the end, I told her to do what she felt best to make her life easier.

Let's face it, the natural life can be quite overwhelming. The pre-pooing, detangling, deep conditioning, and re-learning your hair can get out of control. I've overheard twitter convos with ladies saying thy have 2-3 hour washing sessions! WHEW! It makes you think, "Should I go back to the relaxed life?"

Now I know some of you are screaming "NO!" as you read this, but think about it. If you knew then, what you know now, don't you think you'd have healthier hair while allowing the relaxer to do it thing? I'm just saying. There was a time when I couldn't go four weeks with slapping that cream dream on my hair. Now, I'm sure I could extend a relaxer up to 12 weeks using twist-outs, bunning, and other protective styles. Don't you give me that SIDE-EYE! LOL!
If you didn't know, there's a whole movement of women returning back to the relaxed life. The difference, they use natural hair techniques that involved low heat, low manipulation, and lots of protective styling. These ladies have achieved great lengths. Check out Jeni, from Just Grow Already, she has one of the BEST hair-care regimens I've seen (natural or relaxed).  Jeni spent years dependent on her stylist, but now she runs a successful blog documenting her healthy hair goals while using a relaxer. Check out her cool Green Tea Rinse - it's guaranteed to help your hair retain moisture, stimulate growth, and make you hair shinier.

Now, I do know many naturals who gave up relaxer for health reasons. No matter the brand or strength, relaxers just don't work for some. That wasn't the case for me though. My issue was that I relaxed too often and used way too much heat. Both issues I've learned to overcome since going natural.

But for real, I'm not saying I'm running to Walgreen's and buying the first box of relaxer. I'm just asking the questions. I know more about my hair than EVER and if I did choose to relax, I'm sure my hair would still be healthy. In the end, this hair game is all about what's best for you, your life, and your health. I'm not gonna give you the 'Natural Nazi' side-eye if you return to the relaxed life, and neither should you if a friend goes back.

So, answer me, if you knew then, what you know now, would you go back to the relaxed life?
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