May 13, 2013

Candice's Hair Diary: My Graduation Hair Experience

Crazy face. I thought for sure this would be my graduation hair.
It didn't work in my favor.

So... I was so befuddled about how I was going to wear my hair for graduation. I was torn between the bun suggestion and the curls I wanted. And I was leaning towards the low bun suggestion until I had a light bulb  There was something that I always wanted to try with my hair. I had seen tutorials for Curlformers® over the years and I always wondered if they would work on my hair.

But then I looked at the price of Curlformers®. As an unemployed student, all I could do was look at them from afar. I didn't have the $70 extra dollars to buy Curlformers®. I decided to find an alternative; I bought some curl formers. To be absolutely clear, I bought curl (space) formers. These are a different brand of heat-free hair rollers. But they look and function the same way. I bought a 40 pack of these other curl formers. On Tuesday night I did a trial run. Of course I didn't want to be in 500 pictures with my hair looking like a natural disaster. That's not how I wanted to remember this day. So I tried several styles.

By the time I smoothed my hair into a low bun,
the bottom right picture is the result.
Before the trial run, I was busy with finals and I wore my hair twisted down in the front. Things were getting hectic and I had no spare time for doing hair. I did my curls for the 2nd time on Thursday night, and took the curlers out Friday morning. By Friday afternoon I had a head full of fuzz. So I resorted to my plan B which I titled "Laissez Faire" (because I really didn't have a Plan B). I just decided to let my hair do what it wanted to do. The result? Crazy hair as I was walking in. The wind was fierce. It was whipping the humidity around and half of my hair got really excited.

But it wasn't until I was seated that my hair started pushing my hat off my head, even though I had several bobby pins to hold it in place. During the extremely long ceremony, I twisted my hair and tucked it under my cap (which was barely big enough to fit over my large head, and had even less room to hold my large head AND my large hair). I secured my hair with bobby pins to keep it from looking this crazy and to keep my hat from falling off.

I adjusted the pins to help my hat stay on. It worked. I didn't fall on stage. The wind didn't blow my hat off. And that's all I really cared about. In the end, I was much happier just letting my hair do what it wanted to do. And my impromptu twist-up style worked just fine for me. And it took me about 3 minutes to do discreetly in the midst of hundreds of other graduates. I win. And I didn't let my hair take over my whole graduation. I was going crazy, but eventually I just let it be; and when it got out of hand, I fixed it. I'm a control freak. I spent time planning all the details of my graduation day, down to my hair. But I almost let my hair control me instead of controlling my hair. Lesson learned.

That's one hair crisis down, and another one to go. Next up is vacation hair. I'm about 87% sure that I'm getting a weave. But the details of that haven't been worked out yet. I'm researching types of weaves because I'm new to that arena.

Have you ever let slipped and let your hair control you instead of controlling your hair? Tell me your story in the comment section.
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