Apr 4, 2013

Product Review: Design Essentials Natural Defining Creme Gel

Within the past year, Design Essentials came out with a line for natural hair...you know, like everyone else. But I must say that I am quite fond of the products I have used specifically their Natural Defining Creme Gel.  There's just one problem: After the laborious effort of working this product through my hair and then sitting under the dryer for 45 minutes, I have no idea how to use it more than once. 

For example, it is imperative when using this thick, cake batter (in consistency and smell) like creme to dry your hair under a hooded drier for optimal results.  Also keep in mind that this product takes time to work through so one needs to keep a spray bottle close and handy.  I definitely suggest using the Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion underneath it first for shine and to fight of flakiness.  When I did, I got some poppin' ribbon curls that I have not seen since my days of relaxing my hair and letting it air dry.  I got crazy definition on the first day. But on the next day, not so much. 

Exhibit A: First Day Freshness

Exhibit B: Second Day Saltiness

I just can't figure out how to refresh my curls to keep them as elongated as they are on the first day.  I've tried spritzing and not spritzing,  adding moisturizer, not adding moisturizer. I just can't get past the first day with this product! Even Chaka knows that the second day hair struggle is real.

But back to the product.  Despite my not fully understanding how to use it past the first day, I love the results but not so much the price.  Depending on where you get it, it can run you between $25-$30. However, a little goes a long way.

If anyone has had success with this product, I am definitely open to hearing what you did to get second, third, and fourth day curls. This has become a special occasion product for me when I really want to wear my hair out and actually have the time to sit under the dryer.  Outside of that, the container is presently in the Land of Abandoned Products in my bathroom.

- Great definition
- Smells tasty
- A little goes a long way

- Expensive
- Limited availability
- Not easy to get day to day results
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