Apr 24, 2013

Discussion: Would you shave your head? She did!

One of my FAVORITE YouTubers did what some women think is unthinkable - she shaved her head!

If you don't know, this is Shameless Maya, a photographer, actress, and blogger. She started a personal journey one year ago to be more, well, shameless! Basically, she wanted to get over her fears and promote herself, gifts, and her talents. Maya started uploading inspirational videos documenting her career and her life in New York. Through this journey she has become quite the YouTube sensation gaining 70,000 fans and more than 2million views.

When you watch Maya's videos you are instantly drawn in by her bubbly personality and, quite frankly, her lucious curls! Maya realized that her curls were catching alot of attention and decided to shave her head on the one year anniversary of her 'Shameless' journey.

Although many women, big chop/shave their head at the beginning of their natural hair journey, not many would shave it again after reaching armpit length. Maya attributed her decision to releasing her fear of what most women hold on to - that our hair is the most important thing about us. Think about it, we spend more time and money on our hair than most of our personal beauty products.  In a video announcing her decision, Maya told viewers that she  wanted to inspire women to live life more freely.

Wearing a t-shirt with her signature catch phrase, "Do YOU BOO!", Maya and her cousin, Jeigh, completed the task. As she bundled her hair in 18 ponytails, ready to donate to a non-profit organization, you can see the anxiety on Maya's face. Over the course of 45 minutes we see the locks of hair being clipped off and her hair taken down to peach fuzz level. The self-describes Shameless girl shed a tear as she saw her bald head for the first time. But immediately she fell in love with her new look.  Could you imagine doing it?! Check the video, below, and watch Maya transform.

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