Feb 8, 2013

Roots 'n Rhythm: Anthony David's "Can't Look Down"

This week's Roots 'n Rhythm features not only a natural beauty but a great soul singer who is performing in Nashville this weekend! Soul singer Anthony David is at  Jazz & Jokes tomorrow night for two shows, 7:30 PM and 10 PM.  If you haven't seen this Grammy nominated singer live, you definitely don't want to miss him.

David's latest video for his single "Can't Look Down" features not just any natural hair beauty. The gorgeously locked lady you see in the video is Chef Ahki.  According to her Facebook page, Chef Ahki is a "An Indigenous/Native healer, Naturopathic Scientist and Holistic Theologist, Celebrity Chef, Non-Hybrid Foodist and Professional Blogger."  Not only may she have your dream hairstyle but she may have your dream job too: she's Lenny Kravitz's personal chef. 

Gorgeous!  Check out Anthony David's new video for "Can't Look Down" featuring Chef Ahki.  If you want to see him live in Nashville this weekend, click here.

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