Feb 18, 2013

Melissa's Hair Diary: Keeping it straight

First up, please forgive me for not posting a hair diary in about 100 years! I've had a health issue that's taken alot of my time (click here for details). But, I had to give you an update on my current hair-care routine - I've been rocking the straight look. It's hard rocking straight hair when people know you as a natural hair girl, people tend to give me that "You got a perm?" look. then I have to tell everyone it's just flat-ironed. It's so funny how many people are invested in MY hair style - lol!

After the holidays, I removed my braided updo. Can you believe, removing that style took more than 5 hours! That intrcate design was such a hastle, even though it looked amazing. After the removal, I wanted to do something different and let my hair rest - so I decided to straighten it.

Straight out the shower curls
You know I'm a fan of protective styles - enough blogs have told you that protective styling promotes growth. Oh boy, I had so much growth after my 6 weeks in braids. I washed and deep conditioned my hair using Design Essentials 6-in-1 Reconstructive Conditioner, which I purchased from Ebay. The directions say to leave the conditioner in for 15 minutes using the hooded dryer to process, but I was sleepy so I left it in for 24 hours, LOL. 


 The next morning I rinsed and dried my hair with the hand dryer, getting it has straight as possible before using the my ceramic flat iron. That way, I wouldn't have to use such a high heat setting to get my hair straight. In addition I used two heat protection products: During blow-drying, I used NuNaat Karité Thermo Active Anti-Frizz and during flat-ironing I used Cantu Shea Butter Flat Iron Spray. If you choose to flat iron your hair, YOU must take every chance you can to make sure you protect your strands. Remember, using heat on your hair can damage your curls and/or loosen your curl pattern. So, step away from the heat tools, if you are scared of damaging your hair.

Flat Ironed
So, I finished the job and I've been rocking this sleek bob for about two weeks. I re-iron my hair about once a week. I use plastic rollers to maintain body. truthfully  I'm loving my straight look. In addition I don't have to worry about single-strand knots because my hair is so straight. But each time I sweep across my strands with the flat iron, I worry if I'll be stuck with those straight heat-damaged pieces. Sigh! The chronicles of the natural hair life.

What's you latest look? Let us know in the comments section.
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