Feb 27, 2013

Link Love: Stylist Johnny Wright talks about Michelle Obama's cute cut

We all know that Michelle Obama is 'slick' #teamnatural right? I remember a very old post on Essence of her talking about how she and the girls were chemical free but she does get her hair pressed and wears hair pieces. 

Well, Natasha, over at theybf.com got an exclusive interview with Mrs. O's personal hairstylist, Johnny Wright! Johnny get all up in them edges and gives us some dish about Mrs. O's trademark style, his contribution to Black History, and those BANGS!

And when it came to those bangs, he said,
"It was a collaborative effort. The First Lady said she wanted to do something different. But we didn't think it would make that big of an impression! Some people loved it and some people hated it and that's what's great about it." (source)
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