Feb 12, 2013

Candice's Hair: I Love Curls, Curls, Curls, Curls!

...Curls I do adore! Yes. I know I've expressed my dislike for curls in other blogs. But that's because I haven't full grown out of the tomboy that I was as an adolescent. I don't think I ever will. In case you can't tell by the last Style Post (or the title of this post), I've been all into curls lately.

I was super excited when I found curls that did not look like they came with a rainbow lollipop. So for almost 3 straight weeks I have rocked curls. Aside from the twisted curls in the style post, I also revisited bantu knots. I even rocked my knots out in public for a couple of days. I would have never known that I would be brave enough to walk around with my hair looking like this.

Just like when I did twisted curls, I modified these Bantu knots. They were tight and tiny and they resulted in a tight and tiny curly fro. I stretched it by putting it in a bun. Even though I had a few sweaty workouts they lasted a week.
Pre-stretch. Tiny-knots = tiny curls.

Post stretch, plus a few workouts.

I thoroughly enjoyed my curls because they are workout-proof. Although they take longer to create, once my hair is styled, I can workout an entire week and I can still manage my hair until the next wash day. I'm trying to be healthier these days so that I can enjoy this summer with less clothes and more hair. And speaking of more hair... I'm happy with the growth that I've seen lately. It's grown enough that I'm comfortable with taking the next step and cutting this inch or two off. After all, last month I said I would be brave and do it within the next couple of months. I'm about to schedule an appointment for next week. And no, I absolutely will not view it as a step backwards from my length goal. I'm totally excited to cut my hair! But just in case... does anyone have a box of tissue I can use?

Finally, I've been enjoying my new length and I found a better way to sleep on my hair. After 3 weeks of curls I did a blowout. It's so much easier to sleep on big hair if you don't mind a little pigtail action. It took about 10 minutes to moisturize, detangle, and braid my hair for the past couple nights.

Finally, I am going to mention that I wore a top knot (or love knot) on my huge head. I am so brave with this head of mine nowadays. These varied styles are a good thing because something will have to quell my urge to color again once my hair is cut and has no color at all. I'm everywhere with styling; this cut is going to be a piece of cake! But feel free to send me teddy bears and pistachios and honeysuckle scented things. Because they probably won't  be needed, but... just in case.

Top knot with a twist in the back. 

Remind me again why I shouldn't worry about scissors. Tell me your positive (or... less than positive) small chop stories in the comments.
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