Jan 21, 2013

LINK LOVE: DIY Recipes for Natural hair sealants

Refined Shea Butter

I guess everyone is on the homemade/DIY tip for making their own sealants and balms for natural hair. Last week I posted about essential oils and carrier oils to help with moisture retention. Black Girl Long Hair just posted three awesome recipes for DIY Homemade moisture balms and sealants. Click the link below and take a look:

FROM BGLH: Whipped Shealoe with Grapeseed Oil – great non-greasy sealant

- ½ cup unrefined shea butter
- ¼ cup aloe vera gel
- 2 tbsp grapeseed oil
- 1 tsp pure honey (some say it helps to lengthen the moisturizer’s shelf life)

Melt the shea butter slightly in a pot on the stove or by warming over a hot water bath. Do this until the butter is soft but not completely melted. Whip the butter with a hand mixer until fluffy. Add the grapeseed oil and honey to the shea butter. Whip again. Finally add the aloe vera gel. Whip all the ingredients together on low speed. Cover the mixture and store in a dry cool place.

CLICK HERE for more easy DIY recipes
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