Jan 22, 2013

Ashiya's Hair Diary : Walk The Talk

My business is starting to grow and I am overjoyed, but I broke one of my own client rules : always make time for self-care.  Lately, I have not had much to share in my hair diary because I was not honoring my normal self-care routine.  After some inspiration from a few different sources, I'm back and I've shifted my time with my hair to work better with my new schedule.
After a quick lesson from Kaneesha Martin on choosing hair products, I fought thoughts of becoming a product junkie again and decided to start trying professional salon brands as she suggested.  I let fate make my first product selection by going to the closest retailer of professional brands to see what was on sale.  Sally's Beauty Supply won.

Much to my surprise, that feeling of "I should try it all!!" never returned to me.  I realized I know my hair well enough at this point to rule out products that will not benefit me by reading the label well.  I decided to give the Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Shampoo and Conditioner a try.  The shampoo cleansed pretty well. I was also please with how easily the shampoo washed away after creating such a rich lather.  The Megasilk Olive Conditioner was acceptable.  It didn't seem to nourish my hair like other conditioners I've tried, although it did give some control to my new growth.  The both created a lovely, light scent, which I definitely appreciate.

I also tried Silk Elements Tea Tree Oil Anti-Itch Hairdress, which was probably the best thing about my Silk Elements experience.  It was really good for soothing an itchy scalp after a day out in the cold, dry air.  Even if the shampoo and conditioner don't make the line-up, I'm definitely keeping the hairdress for now.
I also have to focus a bit more on the locs I combined a while back. Making some of my locs larger is definitely the right thing to do, but my method is faulty.  They just won't stay together long enough to start locing, even with consistent palm rolling. I don't mind the look of them while they loc together, but twisting and securing them with a small knot is not working the way I hoped it would. I have an idea to modify a technique I saw online, but I'd love to hear your suggestions if you have any. 

Twisted Locs.

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