Dec 3, 2012

Product Review: Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme

"Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme is an ultra-hydrating hairdress for dry, parched kinks and curls. Suitable for both children and adults, its moisturizing formula is essential for softening and growing out natural hair. With just a nickel-sized dollop, you can tame hairline edges and create two-strand twists, cornrows, pony puffs, braids and more."

So, if you've been following me (melissa) on Facebook or Twitter, you know I've never had a love for any Miss Jessie's product. I thought the products had skeptical ingredients, were too expensive, and didn't do anything for kinky-curly hair.While many natural girls were singing the praises of Miss Jessie's I was in that majority of ladies who was giving Miss Jessie's products the SIDE-EYE!

Then, while at Fisk University's homecoming, Miss Jessie's representatives were on campus passing out samples. I'm not talking about one or two samples, I'm talking HUNDREDS of little sample packs of product.Well - if I must! I thought, "Let me REALLY try these products to see what the fuss was all about." Above, you see my swag bag full of stuff - enough to give away to friends. I picked up 20 samples of various MJ products, but what I fell in love with was the BABY BUTTER CREME!

Ya'll - when I say that I'm addicted to the Baby Butter Creme - I tell no lies! OK, what's to like? Well, it's the perfect mix of wet and oily for my kinky-curly hair. If you have hair that tends to shrink up when a watery product touches it - then you should try the Baby Butter Creme. The fragrance is nice and light - like a freshly cleaned baby! The mixture is a bit heavy - but that what's needed for tightly coiled hair. In the Miss Jessie's brochure they list Baby Butter Creme as a moisturizer AND a styling aid for kinky textured hair - they aren't lying. When I added Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme to my shrunken hair and did an overnight twist-out my hair looked amazing when I woke up.

The bad news is now that I'm in love, the product is still SO EXPENSIVE! The largest jar of Baby Buttercreme is $58! Lord, that's my electric bill. However, a little goes a long way AND Miss Jessie's is having a BOGO sale now until Dec 15! I guess I'll be 'about that life' and stock up.
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