Dec 11, 2012

Natural in Nashville: Nashville Naturalista Tanavia Hamilton

Can I just tell you that I love our natural hair community?  We can just be so friendly!  There's something about seeing another naturalista around town that just makes you smile and acknowledge each other even if you've never met.  That's what happened when I was in Starbucks one day and saw this beautiful lady walk in the door. Fly as all get out! My friend asked me "Do you know her?" "Nope! But look how fly she looks!"  When we introduced ourselves I found out that her name is Tanavia Hamilton.  She recently moved down here from New York and is a stylist.  We started talking about so many things that I forgot to ask her for a picture to put on Natural in Nashville.  Luckily we had exchanged info (I'm always down for helping new people find their way around town) and I contacted her to send me a pic of her fly haircut.

Say hello to Tanavia everyone and let's welcome her to Nashville's natural hair community!
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