Nov 20, 2012

Stylist Chronicles: Kaneesha Martin at Mahogany Suites

Can Kaneesha handle all this!

Lucky me! Last month, a hair stylist, named Kaneesha Martin of Mahognay Suites in LaVergne, TN, contacted me about gifting me a styling service. Hmm . . . if someone wanted to tame this mane, why not?! Plus, I hadn't had my hair professionally done since going natural. This would be a great experience.

So, Keneesha and I set up a time, and I was on my way. I scheduled my appointment  right near wash day so she cold tame my hair in all it's madness. It was shrunken, slightly dry and definitely needing a wash. I knew my professional experience would be different because Kaneesha emailed me asking if I had any current issues with my hair. The service included a spa/steam treatment. She wanted to use products that would help with any issues I had. At this time, right after removing my braids, my hair was pretty dry and shedding.

After my steam treatment - Look at those CURLS popping!

Ladies, if not for the professional treatment of your hair, go have Kaneesha wash your hair and massage your scalp - HEAVEN! I forgot how nice it is to have someone else wash my hair! She washed and conditioned my hair with Matrix Total Results Moisture Shampoo and Matrix Total Results Repair conditioner  Kaneesha stands by this line. The line is made to help dry hair retain moisture and works well during the signature steam treatments.

Next up was my steam treatment. She added Design Essential Moisturizing Conditioner (more moisture for my curls) while setting me under the steamer. No lie, I was excited about this. I've watched plenty of YouTube videos with natural ladies praising the effects of a steam treatment. Well, despite getting a little wet (the steam creates water that drips on your face) I loved my steam treatment. After 20 minutes of steam, my hair was POPPING and curls were all over the place.

Two strand twists under the dryer - curly
After my steam treatment, Kaneesha wanted to show me that I can have defined curls. So, she installed two-strand twists on my hair using KeraCare Twist & Define Cream and put me under the dryer. Oh LAWD! I forgot how long it takes for my hair to dry! Well, I was under the dryer for more than an hour. It wasn't so bad because Keneesha and I had great conversation.

I learned that, after a short hiatus, she recently returned to hair styling. She's fully licensed and has a love for helping ladies learn to care for natural hair. She not only styles loose naturals, she styles locs, installs weave, and can give you a flat-iron - all chemical free. In addition, Kaneesha doesn't mind if you bring your preferred products. She can can help you find what works for your curls and set you on a journey to grow healthy hair.

Whoa are those CURLS!?!
After the dryer, my twists were removed. Viola! My tiny ringlets emerged. My hair was super moisturized and extra shiny! I hadn't seen this many curls - with my hair being dry - EVER! I was sold, Kaneesha was a miracle worker, I am convinced. When I arrived at work the next day, people thought I had a Jheri Curl or texturizer. Everyone loved my new curls! Take a look at my hair through the rest of the week:

The next day - it's shrunken, but my coworkers LOVED IT! 

Day 2 - With my godson, he loved my hair.

Day 3 - Re-twisted with Miss Jessie's and POOF curly fro!

Day 4 - Stretched curls into a side puff
I've never achieved 4 days of the same style! The products and techniques she used definitely had my hair feeling like new. This was the best treatment for me after having braids all summer. I'm gonna make a point to visit Kaneesha every six weeks for this wonderful deep condition and spa steam treatment.

Here's Kaneesha, her hair is amazing!

Visit Kaneesha at the Mahogany Suite in Image Salon, LaVergne, TN. You can email her at 615-715-0936 or email She takes appointments Mon-Saturday.

Oh yeah, the first five people to book a Spa Hair Treatment will receive $10 off your service! Just mention 'Natural in Nashville'!
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