Nov 9, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm- Amel Larrieux "For Real"

*Sigh*  Amel Larrieux's song "For Real" is what being in love sounds like.  Simply a classic.

I remember when Amel Larrieux hit the scene in the mid 90's with the group Groove Theory.  Although they put out one of the best CD's in the 90's,  their success was short lived as they would break up not too long after its release.  Since then Larrieux has had a successful solo career churning out Neo-Soul hits like "Get Up", "You Will Rise" and of course "For Real".

The latest on Amel Larrieux's career is that her album “Ice Cream Everyday”is to be released on her own label, Blisslife Records some time this year.  I know I am looking forward to it but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't keeping my fingers crossed for a Groove Theory reunion soon too. 
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