Nov 1, 2012

LINK LOVE: When Co-Washing isn't enough via BGLH

According to Natural Hair Community (online) a Co–Wash is "the act of washing your hair with conditioner only so that it is not stripped of its natural oils. It is often done on dry, damaged hair. This method can be used daily and is often referred to as conditioner wash."

Sometimes I co-wash and sometimes I don't. Personally, I haven't found that co-washing my hair aids in better moisture. That's why this natural hair life is so confusing. So many people have found success in co-washing, and some don't. It's all about individual hair strands. 

Clearly, the science of co-washing may be a bit conflicting. Think about it; you are NOT washing your hair, but rinsing your hair and adding conditioner to it. If you do this all the time, your hair is NEVER really clean. Question: Would you take a shower and only use lotion to cleanse your skin? NO! So why would you ONLY co-wash all the time?

That's where clearifying shampoos come into place. Check out the article on Black Girl With Long Hair that breaks down the reasons when co-washing may not be enough. Click the link below:

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