Nov 28, 2012

LINK LOVE: Genetics and your hair journey

My friend Sabrina and I, December 2011 (2 years of being natural)

When I saw the video below, posted by Laila Jean of Fusion of Cultures on YouTube I knew I had to post it. In the video, Laila talks about how genetics plays a HEFTY role in hair growth. So many times, I see newly chemical free girls get frustrated when their hair isn't growing as quickly as they think it should be growing. The video reminded me of how I felt when I went natural at the same time as my friend Sabrina.

My friend Sabrina and I (above) started our natural hair journey roughly around the same time. There's nothing like seeing how fast (or slow) your hair grows when you start comparing it to someone else's hair. You may drive yourself crazy comparing your growth and texture to that person. In those early stages of your natural journey it's hard not to compare and it's hard not to let envy or jealousy creep in.

I watched as my friend's hair started growing, her curls started popping, and her hair texture was getting silky - she even had a bit of 'hangtime' 6 months into her journey. For me, my hair got more fluffy, more kinky, and just grew UP - no hang-time for me. At the same stage of growth, Sabrina's curls looked like she was months ahead of me.

I almost let the natural hair jealousy take over - but I realized, we had different genetics. When Sabrina's hair was relaxed, it usually grew pretty long - past her shoulders. When my hair was relaxed the longest it got was my shoulder. I'm 50% native African (my dad is from Sierra Leone), naturally, my hair would be a bit kinkier like my ancestors. Sabrina's mom has naturally long hair and her dad's hair is kinda curly. She was definitely going to have a different texture than my hair. After realizing those facts, and many more, I got over curl envy and worked with the hair growing out of my head.

The video is a little long but is FULL of important info about genetics, growing long natural hair, hair porosity, and enjoying your journey. Take a look!

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