Nov 12, 2012

Candice's Hair Diary: Stubborn, Unruly, Crazy Rebel Hair

What has my hair been up to lately? Whatever the heck it wants to have been up to! I am determined to show my hair that I am the boss. My hair (affectionately coined by someone dear as Puffy) has been determined to show me that I am NOT the boss, and it will do what it wants.

Not long ago, I removed my Marley twists and my hair has been dry and unruly ever since. I have deep conditioned, and deeper conditioned. I've tried protein treatments. Nothing was working, so I decided to straighten my hair. I flat ironed my hair twice within 12 hours and I got this:
This is what a blowout should look like. Not TWO flat iron attempts.

Let me tell you... my hair gave not the smallest care about me nor my heat styling tools nor any smoothing products, nor brushes. It was just.... Puffy the Rebel. She stood her ground and refused to acknowledge my authority. So... I "put her on punishment". I decided to put protective styles in my hair to avoid constant heat styling. Four days, four styles:
Day 1: I was fed up. The punishment begins.
Day 2

Day 3 of punishment. I'm especially proud of this one. It's just a jazzy flat  twist.

Okay, this was at the end of day 4. It's just a French braid, covered up.
After all of this, I decided to wash and straighten it again. To make a long story short, it still didn't work. It's better than before, but my hair is going through a rebellious phase. I guess I will have to work with it. 2.5 years into being natural and I never thought my hair would turn on me like this. Maybe my hair is just changing? Am I alone??

Anyone out there dealing with rebellious hair? Was it just a phase? How did you get over it??
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