Oct 15, 2012

VIDEO: October 2012 Curlbox Opening

Photo courtesy of KinkyHairAffair. Click the link to check out her review too!
YEAH! I finally received my October 2012 CurlBOX! For the last two months I was without a CurlBOX because my credit card was stolen and I had to go change my card info on all my subscription services. note to self: Keep a list of all services so when this happens again, you don't end up high and dry. Anyway, this October 2012 CurlBOX was all types of amazing! I can't wait to take down my Senegalese twists so that I can start trying these new products.

Instead of writing a long review of the box, I decided to do a video of the opening process. I intend to do a CurlBOX opening every month. Actually, the whole team receives the CurlBOX subscription so expect to see all of us giving you a review. Check it:

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