Oct 8, 2012

STYLE TIPS: Styling Marley Braids... Again

It's been a while. I don't even have my twists in anymore. But I remembered I wanted to share more styles did want to post some of the styles that I remembered to take pictures of. This post is mostly of styles I wore when my neck and back needed to feel some fresh air. These will also work in the fall if you want to protect your ends from being damaged by your warm wool jackets and coats.

The Bun
There's the classic bun. Great for most hair types and keeps your
ends protected from your scarves and outerwear.

Twisted Swoop Bang
There is the twisted swoop. Just section of the front of the hair, and create 4-6 thick twists. Then swoop back into a twisted ponytail. Or an open ponytail. Or a messy bun. Endless possibilities.

Braided Bang
Then there's the front braid. Again, so much can be done with this. It can have the same styles as the twisted swoop. OR I even French braided hair from the back of my hair to the top, and created a swoop. (I forgot to take a picture, but it looked something like the picture below.)

The Prairie (I Don't Know What to Call It)
Maybe I should title this the prairie look? It reminds me of that show... minus the dresses. I started with two giant twists (top photo). I secured them together with an elastic, then I just tucked the end of the elastic under and secured with a bobby pin. Pretty simple, huh?

The Hair Bow
I was so excited to do this look. It is easily my favorite style I learned to do. Here's a video if  you're interested in wearing this one. I haven't found a good one for natural hair yet. If you know of one, leave a comment below and I will update the link.

Bunned Up
This was cute for the summer, and I'm sure it can work for fall. 
It's simple. 3 sections, 3 loose buns.

It's currently 50 degrees outside. Summer seems so far away! I had so much fun in the sun. The weave was fun. And it gave me some ideas to try on my own hair once I've deep conditioned it enough for experimental styling. I'm pretty sure after this post I'm done living in the past. BUT while I'm here... what's your favorite summer style?
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