Oct 12, 2012

ROOTS & Rhythm: Elle Varner 'I Don't Care'

We've mentioned Elle Varner on the site numerous times. She's super cool, has a great voice, and awesome hair. I chose her newest video for Roots & Rhythm because it has lots of natural hair goodness and it gives us a good lesson on tolerance. From Essence.com: Elle Varner's newest video, "I Don't Care," preaches acceptance for all forms of love. The sexy video features three interracial couples, including one gay couple, who experience rejection and turmoil for their love. It's a really good song with great visuals to drive the point home: love is love is love!

Oh yeah, Elle is really riding the train to success - at the end of the year she'll be opening for Nas at Radio City Music Hall! Now that's cool!

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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