Oct 4, 2012

DISCUSSION: When you man's hair looks better than your hair

After yesterday's Hair Lust post, I got to thinking about men with natural hair. The model in the Hair Lust photo has waist-length silky curls. His hair is LOVELY and it looks better than my hair on my best day. It got me to thinking, how do you feel when you man's natural looks better than your natural?

Let me preface this discussion by stating that I am not dating anyone right now, but the men I have dated have had LUST-worthy hair. Actually, they had lust-worthy hair without doing much work. They tend to use whatever shampoo is available (in your bathroom) or SOAP, whatever conditioner available, some kind of RANDOM pomade (filled with all the bad stuff us ladies try to stay from - mineral oil, SURE!), and they have this special brush that they use (which is a brush they've had since they were 14 years old). It doesn't take much time, but they come out the bathroom with their 'waves on swim', their curls are just popping, or their locs looking luxurious. Ugh, I hate it!

My brother has hair like this. It's JET BLACK, silky and just all around gorgeous. Sometimes he'll come home and declare, "I'm growing my hair out!" I usually respond by sucking my teeth and imploring to the Lord, why didn't I get the GOOD HAIR! But then I pull back and remind myself, all hair is good hair - lol. Anyways, 2 months later my brother goes from having barely a Caesar cut to having a 2 inch TWA filled with curls! Then he goes and just CUTS IT ALL OFF. The reason, "Man, hair is hot." I suck my teeth, again, and go back to my 4 hour wash/condition/pre-poo/home-made pomade routine. Men have all the luck.

As women who are living the chemical-free lifestyle, we put so much time into making our hair look 'good' and grow. Hey, that's the reason for this website. But, I tell you, when I run up on a guy with a head full of gorgeous curls and he tells me he doesn't even wear a satin cap when he goes to sleep - oooh I feel some kinda way! Maybe it's just me.

So, how do you handle it when your man's hair looks better than your hair? Do you take hair advice from him? Does he take hair advice from you?

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