Oct 8, 2012

Candice's Hair: Happily Weaveless

So I finally finished taking my hair down. It took a lot out of me. I found the best way was to cut the twists close to where my real hair was, spray, and then detangle each individual twist as I took it down. It took about 6 hours to remove the twists, but I felt so victorious and I was happy to be back to my own hair.


But now I have a new battle. My hair is SO DRY after removing extensions. I sprayed my hair with a leave in conditioner while I had the twists, but I guess no regular conditioning treatments left my hair thirsty. Not just regular thirsty, either. I mean dehydrated, middle of the desert, 'seeing hot oil treatment mirages' thirsty. The day I took my hair down, I went to the African Street Festival (have you seen the pictures? Click here for our facebook album. Or here for the blog.).  My hair didn't fully dry and I was out in the sun and heat for hours. NOT a good idea for dry hair. This only increased my hair woes.

After hours and hours of deep conditioning. (Two sessions of at least 2 hours in a week).
Better, but I still have a ways to go. 
After hours of conditioning, protein treatments, and 2 washes. And no, my hair didn't get mushy. I'm not exaggerating on the thirst of my hair. It's getting back on track. My ends are still colored, so I have to be extra gentle with them in order to continue retaining length.

It's almost fall, and I'm excited style my REAL hair. So I plan to keep conditioning so my styling won't damage my hair. I'm also wondering how I can make some of the Marley twist styles I posted work for my thick, kinky hair.
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