Sep 19, 2012

The 30th Annual African Street Festival showcased natural divas and fantastic African-American History

Every year the African-American Cultural Alliance hosts the African Street Festival. The festival boasts more than 50 vendors and informational booths, performances, and informational seminars. Each year the festival get better especially with the recent location change. The Alliance has moved the festival to Hadley Park in North Nashville. Guests love the change. It builds a sense of community and the historic park, once a plantation, can support more guests.

The Natural in Nashville crew: (l to r) Candice, Toya, Ashiya, and Melissa
The NIN team met at the Festival to snap photos, eat tasty food, and socialize with our readers! Let me tell you, it was so nice to meet you guys. It makes me so excited about our upcoming meet-up (It's coming ya'll, I promise). So let's get to my favorite photos. Make sure to hit up the Facebook page to see even more photos! Click the link below to read more:

The FOOD! Oh so much food!
Lots of african inspired clothes for sale
Toya take a look at the hat racks
My favorite - the one of a kind Jewelry!
Never forget where we come from
Now let's get to the FABULOUS hair! There were so many ladies rocking fly hair that we could barely catch everyone.

Loving these ladies with their wisdom filled crowns!
This cute couple is rocking their natural style.
A pink Mohawk? Who said being natural couldn't be creative?!
A whole family of natural hair beauty! LOVE IT!
Aww - little guy with his little locs
Ashiya and a friend look loc lovely!
This is a great example of protective styling
These friends were SUPER STYLISH!
I'm loving this updo!
Loving this auburn afro!
Accessories make everything better!

Check out more photos on our Facebook page! If you see yourself, tag and share with your friends!
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