Sep 18, 2012

LINK LOVE: "BUSTED! 4 Myths About Black Hair"

Like I always say, this natural hair journey is all about self discovery, patience, and endurance. At any time, you can find me contemplating the pros/cons of going back to the relaxer kit - lol! I'll never go, but when these coils start tangling and not falling the way I want, I often think back to the days . . .

Anyway, the best way to help yourseld get over those woes, it to read articles like the one I've linked below. Knowing that your hair can do the things that others said it couldn't will give you the faith to keep going on. My goal is to grow the biggest afro EVER, but many think kinky coils don't grow long. Sorry! It's not true, kinky curls can grow long (with a lot of patience)! Take a look at my favorite myth that was busted and click below to read the rest:
Trimming makes your hair grow faster - If you missed this informative post by Jc, please do read it. The bottom line is that trimming does not make the hair grow faster. It does not have an effect on our growth rate. What trimming can do is cut away the damaged ends of the hair thus allowing for one to attain longer length. Length retention and growth rate are two different areas.
Visit Black Girl With Long Hair to read  the rest
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