Sep 13, 2012

Candice's Hair Diary: "Unbeweaveable"

So... I've been trying to do this post for a while. I know my next post was going to be about me taking my twists down and getting reacquainted with my own hair. But it's taken more time than usual because I've gotten caught up in homework. And now...7 weeks later... My hair extensions are STILL HANGING. And by hanging I mean hanging on for dear life!

You know it's time for extensions to go when you develop mini afro puffs underneath your braids.

Not to mention the fact that there are now tiny afro puffs underneath each twist. I am going to take them down this week for sure. So this hair diary will be a short one.  Here are a couple of styles I have worn lately in order to minimize the fuzziness (you may see these again in a style post):
A twisted swoop bang thing

I feel totally hippie chic with my hair like this. A braided  swoop bang thing
with an open ponytail.

Also, I did great for the first 4.5 weeks, but I went a week without caring for my hair. You can bet I sprayed enough leave in and oil once I got back on track. I don't want to be the person who neglects their real hair because they have weave. But I can definitely see how ladies get comfortable and ignore their hair needs. I've also decided to put focus back on my diet. My nails were weak and two of them broke in the middle of the nail. ARGH! Weak nails often means weak hair. I've been experimenting with my diet, so I plan to add more protein. I also stocked up on biotin, and I'm going to increase my water intake. Winter will be here soon and I need to get my hair ready to battle the cold dry air.
I'm not angry. Promise. I loved this huge loose rosette style. 

And before I go... it's pretty different not being involved in corporate America anymore. I absolutely love the fact that I can wear my hair in eye-catching styles on a Tuesday. My former employer wasn't really strict on hair, but I would look pretty weird with extra spunky hair and business casual attire. Look for an update to this hair diary soon of my hair without twists. I'm trying not to be the unbeweavable girl anymore.

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