Aug 28, 2012

Product Review: Twist N' Locs Natural Oil Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, and Medicated Olive Oil Spray

For the past few weeks, I've been using a few products from the Twist N' Locs line and I may have found a new addition to my routine.  While my experience was not altogether perfect, I did find value in the line.  I tried out the Twist N' Locs Natural Oil Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner and Olive Oil Medicated Spray. Here's what worked, what didn't and why.

Natural Oil Shampoo
Twist N' Locs Natural Oil Shampoo

By reading the product description, the Natural Oil Shampoo seemed perfect for my hair:

1. Soothes roughened hair for healthy lustrous shine.
2. Excellent for dry or over processed hair.
3. Natural ingredients protect hair and thoroughly cleanse thick or tightly curled hair.

While the product description spoke to my needs, I think my personal expectations  impacted my experience. I am used to  more lather when shampooing, so I felt my hair was not being cleaned as it would with my normal shampoo. The product description states the natural oil shampoo was formulated for tightly curled hair and I agree.  While it did not lather, I was able to work it into my locs easily.  After my hair dried, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the shampoo had worked and removed product build up that tends to weigh my hair down, but I'll probably stick with my normal shampoo because of my preferences. 

Organic Leave-In Conditioner

Twist N' Locs Leave In Conditioner

I am big on deep conditioning. My hair responds to the treatments very well. Of course the Twist N' Locs Leave In Conditioner did not leave my locs as moisturized as my deep conditioning treatment, but I did appreciate how soft my hair felt. Again, I think the expectations of my normal routine affected my experience.  

I rarely use leave-in conditioners, but I can definitely see using if I'm tight on time.  Although this conditioner did not give me the results I wanted, I definitely appreciate the convenience of a leave-in conditioner.



Twist N' Locs Olive Oil Medicated Spray
Although the product description advised the Olive Oil Medicated Spray would  restore moisture, I found my hair was drier than I liked after using it.  After a few days, I added my trusted oil products back to my routine to make sure my hair was moisturized to my liking.  Many products work well when the full line is used together. Perhaps The Twist N' Locs Herbal Spray may help to balance moisture when used together.

Aside from the desire for more moisture, I appreciated the Tea Tree and Olive Oils. I found that it really helped with avoiding product build-up in my hair, which is one way to ensure my hair maintains it's natural sheen. The description also says the oils will prevent bacterial growth that produces scalp odor and I must say each use was like a light wash, leaving a sweet, clean smell behind.  While I will return to my routine shampoo and conditioner, I will keep the the Olive Oil Medicated Spray around for that reason.

Even though my experience wasn't a complete success with the Natural Oil Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner, the Olive Oil Medicated Growth Spray has earned a spot in my routine in between washes.  When coupled with my normal moisturizing routine, I love the feeling that I was not putting more product on top of more product, but actually nourishing my hair.
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